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Educational Programs

Lynn is available to lead interactive programs about tracking.  She teaches the clues to identifying mammals, and how to decode the “stories” they leave behind.
Lynn, also known as the "Scat Lady," will bring her carefully preserved scat collection of Northeastern mammals, and furs ranging from cottontail rabbit, to bobcat, to bear.  This program includes storytelling about mammals.
The indoor program is about 90 minutes in length and can be expanded to include an outdoor tracking program.
For more information about Lynn's programs:
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 "Lynn is a fabulous presenter, - she's

so engaging and relaxed, and

provides so much information! "

   Rockingham Librarian

Lynn dressed as a salamander crossing guard.

"Lynn - Thanks for giving of yourself, your time, and your knowledge to further our appreciation of the woods.  It  was a success and you were great with us."

  Chris Terry, Powers House

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