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Is It Time, Yet?

Is It Time, Yet? is a picture book story for ages 4-10, about Spot’s (a yellow-spotted salamander) early spring journey to a vernal pool to find a mate. On the way, Spot meets with Leo the wood frog, Blue Speckle (another salamander), Ol’ Uncle Dot, and a young boy who helps him avoid cars and safely cross the road.

The story begins...

I said to my dad, " I want to go back to the place I was born,

Is it time, yet? "


"Yes.  It's almost time."  He said, "Let's go under that mushroom to hide

from the sun.  My skin is drying out."

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Praise for Is It Time, Yet?

There is something magical about a well written children’s book and Lynn Levine’s Is It Time, Yet?goes above and beyond that.  Hearing this book read aloud, transported me back to my childhood, when a story was a treat and illustrations offered a view into unknown places.  Lynn’s exploration of the life cycle of the spotted salamander’s journey to the vernal pool was well explored through the wonderful story of one young salamander and his family.  As an environmental educator, I would recommend this book to not only my fellow teachers but also to families exploring the natural world.


Kimberly D. Galandak-O'Connor, Education Director The Nature Museum at Grafton



An introduction to spring amphibian migration for youngsters, with a refreshing message about the positive roles humans can play in conserving wildlife.


James Andrews is a Herpetologist and the author of the Vermont Herp Atlas


Is it Time, Yet? is a beautifully illustrated whimsical tale introducing children to the world of salamanders and vernal pools.  As an organizer of Salamander Crossing Brigades, I hope that it is widely read and contributes to a new generation of young people who care about nature and will help migrating amphibians.


Patti Smith, Salamander Crossing Brigades organizer, Bonnyvale Environmental Education Center

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